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Governor & Clerk Vacancies

Governor & Clerk Vacancies

If you are a member school and have a vacancy you are looking to fill, or indeed are wanting to join a school as a governor or clerk please feel free to email us at

If we can't match you right away we will keep your details on file and forward information of/to reciprocal parties as soon as available.

Vacancies for Clerks available Now!

Clerking for a Governing Board is an interesting and rewarding way to earn extra money whilst helping support your community!  Part-time hours are usually during school term time, include some evening work and can often fit conveniently around family life or another job.  There are schools in this area currently looking to appoint, so new opportunities are available now!


The Clerk is a board's 'Governance Professional', and is crucial to the smooth and legitimate running of the school’s Governing Board.  Requirements include being a competent administrator, the ability to be discreet, and to be able to interpret and follow set protocols and guidelines that are provided. Previous experience is not always essential as in most cases training is provided - a willingness to adapt to the way the school works is often more desirable!

Most schools will carry out some reference checks on applicants prior to employing. For more information, or to register an interest in clerk vacancies please email us. If you would prefer to speak to us by phone, let us have your contact details and we’ll come back to you - we will treat enquiries confidentially if requested!


There are currently active clerk vacancies for schools in north and south Herefordshire, with consideration also being given to clerks preferring to work remotely if travelling is a problem.

For further details, job descriptions & salary information please contact us.


Would you like to be a Governor?

School governors (the generic term of which includes ‘governors’ in local authority maintained schools, and also ‘trustees’ in academy schools) are the largest volunteer group within the UK; and arguably, through their influence on schools, can have the greatest impact on the majority of our children’s lives. The role of school governors is to promote the vision, ethos and strategic direction of a school. They hold the headteacher to account for the school's performance, and oversee the use of resources to ensure money is well spent.

Governors come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They do not have to be professionally qualified but each will have something to contribute from their own life experiences and skill sets.

Most Governing Board meetings are held once or twice per term, often during the early evening. Usually governors will also sit on sub-committees or occasional working parties or panels, and will undergo training which is funded by the school. The frequency and timing of governors’ meetings will vary from school to school but will be a minimum of three per year.

School governance is a recognised public duty, and those employed are entitled to a reasonable amount of leave to fulfil their duties as necessary, for example for occasional day-time meetings, school visits or training.

Being a governor can be extremely rewarding, and is an excellent way to contribute to the community and influence the outcome of children’s education. If you're interested, don't hang about - contact us!

Still thinking about it?

If you'd like some further specifics as to the practicalities, roles and responsibilities, or you'd simply like to know about opportunitites near you, just ask us!

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